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Aluminum Elec. Capacitors | Life Time

When many customers buy capacitor products, the most common concern is the service life of capacitors. Nothing in the world can last for a long time. The same is true for capacitors. Today, Aillen capacitor manufacturers will introduce you to the use of capacitors. Life span.

For example, a capacitor with a rated maximum temperature of 85°C will have a service life of 1000H under an ambient temperature of 85°C, and when the ambient temperature is reduced to 60°C, the service life can be extended to 10000H. When the ambient temperature drops to 40°C, The service life can reach 80,000H.

Factors affecting the service life of capacitors:
The service life of a capacitor is not only related to the temperature of the environment, but also to the magnitude of the ripple current.
Since thermal stress has a decisive influence on the service life of the capacitor, the heat loss caused by the ripple current is an important factor affecting the service life of the capacitor.
Ripple current refers to the AC component current flowing through the capacitor. It is affected by the ambient temperature and AC frequency. The maximum allowable value of the ripple current is different depending on the ambient temperature. When the ambient temperature is constant, within the allowable range, the greater the ripple current flowing through, the shorter the service life of the capacitor.

The service life of other capacitors
The life of aluminum electrolytic capacitors is a relative question because there is no absolute answer. Depending on the use environment and equipment, life will be different. Generally, manufacturers give a reference time, such as 85°C for 2000 hours. , To ensure that the service life of the capacitor is greater than 2000H at an ambient temperature of 85 ℃, our actual use time can often reach 3-5 years, sometimes even more than 8-10 years.

In actual use, the temperature, voltage, and daily use time are different, so many devices are still intact after decades of use, indicating that the service life of capacitors can reach 15-20 years. But this is not absolute. Some capacitors will fail after a period of use. Of course, the quality of the capacitor itself is also very important.

Capacitor manufacturers can only give a reference value for the capacitor life test. The specific useful life depends on how it is used. We only need to choose aluminum capacitors with different service life according to the use of the equipment and the life requirements we need. That’s it.