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Aillen is a professional aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturer. Focus on R&D, production, sales, and solution provision of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors.

Aillen’s Products are widely used in communications, consumer electronics, computers, LED lighting, security, smart grids, medical equipment, new energy, industrial control, automotive electronics, etc.

Aillen mainly provides SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors, radial electrolytic capacitors, snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors, polymer solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors, etc.

Aillen product series include high-frequency low impedance, low leakage, wide temperature, very low impedance, non-polarity,ultra-long life, medium, and high voltage long cycle life, high reliability, etc.

Radial Electrolytic Capacitor
Snap-in Electrolytic Capacitor
SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
SMD Electrolytic Capacitor

Reliability testing of products and applications:

Aillen conducts reliability tests on capacitance and application level to ensure that reliability standards can be met More than 12 experimental items:
the testing of load cycle life, High-temperature storage, humidity test, temperature cycle, surge, ripple, vibration, surge, constant temperature and humidity, solderability, etc.
Aillen also conducts product application testing, such as LED lamp driver/power adapter applications, etc.

Aluminum electrolytic capacitor Applications:

CFL ,SSL (Solid state lighting) ,LED lights,lighting ballast

Motor controller, switch cabinet and switchboard, UPS system, server power supply
Solar power systems, wind generators, and turbines, geothermal systems, wave power systems

The electronic control system, display, audio, power amplifier, GPS system, airbag igniter, safety system
Mobile phone charger, switching regulator, adapter, router, hub, LAN, and Ethernet hardware

Monitoring equipment, magnetic resonance imaging equipment, medical pumps, electronic monitoring equipment, fire fighting systems, alarm systems

TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine and dryer, set-top box, game console, audio/stereo equipment, microwave oven

Motherboard, audio card, display card, scanner, monitor